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A survey on the patronage of made-in Ghana goods

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  • Type of document: PEF Research Report, Business Development

As an umbrella private sector business association charged with the responsibility of private sector business development in this country, the Private Enterprise Foundation (PEF) is concerne9 about the low patronage of Made-in-Ghana goods. There seems to be an unexplained preference for foreign goods, as opposed to locally manufactured goods. Such consumer attitudes impact negatively on the growth of local industries and the situation

1 must be addressed and the trend reversed.There is, therefore, the need to uncover the reasons for this trend and make recommendations to improve the patronage of Made-in-Ghana goods. To achieve this PEF organised this survey.The objective of this study, therefore, is to establish if there is any such unexplained preference for foreign goods and, if this is the case, to identify the factors responsible for such attitudes and make recommendations for the increased patronage of Made-in-Ghana goods.Summary of Findings+ Preference: 45.5% of the respondents preferred foreign goods to local goods, while 42.0% preferred Made-in-Ghana goods. The 12.5% who were indifferent indicated that they make their selection on a product-to-product basis


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