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Workshop on pushing forward the agenda for private sector development the respective roles of parliament and the private sector

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The  Private  Enterprise  Foundation   (PEF)  is  an  umbrella  private  sector  body devoted  to the orderly   and  healthy  development   of  the  private   sector   in  Ghana   through   ad roach   and promotion.   In the discharge of this responsibility PEF is involved in policy dialogue to ensure that policies favor the smooth growth of the private sector.   In February 2000, PEF organized a  workshop  on the theme "Building  Partnership   with Parliamentary  Committees  - A Private Sector/Legislature Network on Policy  and Laws for Effective  Governance"  for members of 3 relevant  committees   of  parliament   with  a  view  to  striking  the  necessary  relationship   and acquaintances  to facilitate its advocacy role.  Later events however did not allow for the full implementation    of   the   recommendations of   that   workshop.    

 Following   the   change   of government  in  the 2000  elections,  the leadership  of  parliament  and  members  of the  various committees   also  changed.     To  re-invigorate  the  process  and  kick-start  the  relationship   to facilitate  its  advocacy  role,  PEF,  with  sponsorship   from  the  Conrad  Adenauer  Foundation, organized  another  workshop  from  March  30 to April 1, 2001 on the theme "Pushing  Forward the Agenda for Private Sector Development- The Respective  Roles of Parliament  and Private Sector" for the leadership of Parliament  and members of the business  related committees.


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