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Roundtable discussion on service delivery By ecg/vra to private sector

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  • Type of document: PEF Research Report

The Private Enterprise Foundation (PEF), under Component Two of the Ghana   Government

IUNDP Promoting Private Sector Development   Programme (PPSDP), organized a roundtable l e discussion   on Service) delivery by ECGIVRA to the Private Sector, on 4th  August 2003 at Novotel Hotel Accra.

In recent times the delivery of electricity, especially service to the private sector is observed to be fraught with major constraints leading to operational   difficulties for u se rs of e l ectricity. Pursuant to serving   the obligation   of PEF to service the needs of private   enterprises, PEF commissioned MAPO & Associates Ltd to conduct a study on the service d e li very of ECGIYRA to the private sector.  The study is expected to suggest recommendations for improving the quality of service.

The roundtable was attended by energy experts, industrialists, members of the Parliamentary Sub-committee on   Energy   and   major   stakeholders of the private sector.   There   were   no representatives from ECG or VRA though they were invited to facilitate discu ssions.

Please see attached list of participants.

Mr. Harry Owusu, Executive Secretary of the Revenue Agencies Governing Board (RAGB) - Ministry of Finance, chaired the programme. Mr. Michael Opam, Head Consultant of MAPO & ASSOCIATES LTD, led discussions.

Welcome Address by Director-General of PEF

Dr. Osei Boeh-Ocansey


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