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Reflections on Utility Services in Ghana

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  • Type of document: PEF Research Report, PEF Newsletter, PEF Magazine

The Private Enterprise Foundation (PEP) has noted with concern the various comments and frustrations that different classes of consumers have expressed about the utility services in Ghana.     PEP recognized the seriousness of the developments and decided to undertake a very thorough review of the situation and to move on to finding the best steps to produce reliable remedies and results.

PEf felt justifiably that a well-coordinated, evidence­ based report would provide a reliable basis to find which should be the lasting solution.  The exercise was therefore not one to find fault with the agencies involved or with the attitude of consumers and clients.   The main objective was to isolate and define pertinent and feasible actions that would provide the economy with reliable, dependable and sustainable utility services.  The issues to be addressed include:standard of living of the people also rises, all things being equal.   The extent of the development is based on the What   facilities    need   to   be   provided    and maintained

• What attitudinal changes do we expect from the implementing agencies and from consumers

• How faithfully will the decisions arrived at be implemented.




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