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Roundtable discussion on services delivery by ghana water company limited to the private sector

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  • Type of document: PEF Research Report

The debate on privatizing state-run companies such as Ghana Water Company Limited, and making them more efficient has been going on for some time now. Until any concrete decision is taken, efforts have to be made to ensure efficient services delivery to tt1e private sector.

Water is one of the major inputs in industrial activities. Are the attitudes of the?

GWCL staff and the processes of service delivery supportive to the private sector in Ghana? If yes, how can we maintain the standards and work towards improvement? If no, what are the bottlenecks and the measures needed to make the firm's activities more supportive to the private sector than before?

These questions   and their answers   underlie the significance   of the study conducted on "the Provision of Services by GWCL to the private sector in Ghana" how these impact on the private sector, and to identify a set of strategies for dialogue with Government for improvement the water sector, and to serve the private sector in a more reliable and efficient manner.

It was against this background: that PEF organized a roundtable discussion on 2nd December, 2003 at the Novotel Hotel to discuss findings of the study report. The roundtable discussion brought together major stakeholders of the private sector, water and environmental experts, and industrialists.


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