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For more than three decades, Ghana has enjoyed consistent economic growth. However, this growth was unfortunately occasioned severally by relatively high interest rates that escalated the cost of doing business accompanied by sluggish or limited adaption of innovation and technology by our MSMEs.  Several subsectors of the economy, particularly banking and finance, telecommunication, oil and gas, agriculture and construction which could have exhibited higher levels of efficiency to create jobs and wealth were unable to achieve that basically due to the absence or limited availability of technical skills and competencies to navigate through the mirage of challenges in today’s business conditions.

Notable among these challenges are the inability for businesses to employ the services of astute technically competent staff generally, and the failure to do thorough research required not only to improve their understanding of various policies, statutes and regulations but to also comply with them. These conditions are exacerbated by high rate of inflation, persistent depreciation of the local currency, unreliable energy supply, among plethora of challenges that plague our MSMEs accompanied by limited financial options to generate suitable financial resources to execute operations with a lower cost of money.

The Private Enterprise Federation since its establishment in 1994 as the apex business council and the lead voice of advocacy for the private sector in Ghana, has consistently seek avenues to improve not only the business enabling environment through dialogue with the Executive arm of government for policy consideration but has also engaged with the Parliamentary leadership to influence statutes and regulations that are considered in the august house. The Federation has been involved in projects geared towards several reforms in the policy space as well as reforms in the administrative agencies responsible for regulatory compliance relatively in the processes and procedures for businesses to obtain requisite permits, licences and certificates, in tax administration and payments and in the Judicial Services as well.

Going forward, the Federation is seeking to deepen its support to the development, growth and competitiveness of our local infant industries especially the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises,(MSME sectors). This support will include enhanced advocacy activities and more in-depth research to provide empirical data to support private sector advocacy positions and business operations in addition to link the availability and services of retired technically skilled professionals to assist the development and growth of our MSMEs.   

We recognise that there are pools of retired Ghanaians and expatriates domiciled in Ghana with rich technical skills, experience and practical knowhow who can help support the Federation’s activities to harness the growth of our local businesses across various sectors and disciplines, to become competitive, profitable to create jobs and wealth. 

In pursuit of this objective, the Private Enterprise Federation is soliciting the services of pensioners and retirees with succinct technical skills and competencies in various disciplines and sectors, who have idle time on their hands and will want to lend a helping hand to assist our MSMEs with variety of business development and technical services to grow their businesses.

Below is the framework for engaging the retirees: 

Interested experts in the various disciplines, professions and industries can register and identify the area(s) of interest at the Federation’s website by filling a questionnaire and advise areas of expertise and competencies with evidence to authenticate the claim, willingness to participate, times and location the person is available plus other  information pertinent to shed light on the person’s capability.

Criteria for Engagement

  • Must be a retired Ghanaian or Expat domiciled in Ghana not in a full time work related active service.
  • Must have requisite qualification, experience and knowledge in any of the area of interest listed above.

Costs, Payments & Remuneration:


The Program is virtually a PRO-BONO support to our MSMEs who need to be assisted to grow their businesses with technical support from this Expert program.

However, the cost of the Expert to and from home to the workplace of the beneficiary businesses will be covered by the respective beneficiary MSME after discussions and agreement between the parties.

The Federation will be a coordinator and facilitator of this arrangement BUT NOT RESPONSIBLE WHATSOEVER FOR PAYMENT TO ANY PARTY UNDER THIS PROGRAM.

 Interested Retired Executive Candidates should kindly click here and fill out the following Questionnaire

PRIVATE SECTOR BUSINESSES who wish to PARTICIPATE should click here and fill out the application forms

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