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PEF Seeks Partners to Implement Green Energy Project

The Private Enterprise Federation (PEF), as the apex business council in Ghana, promotes competitiveness and profitability of domestic industries as a strategic partner in innovative problem solving, to continually identify and leverage new technologies to reduce operating and maintenance cost with co-benefits of contributing to or supporting the attainment of overarching objectives of the SDGs and SE4ALL (carbon emissions reduction) under the Paris Agreement. 

The approach complements the efforts of industry to continually look for improving their triple bottom line, namely economic, efficiency and environmental (EEE) performance (which include reducing greenhouse gas emissions and carbon foot print).

The project objective is to create green communities and industries powered largely by renewable sources of energy, such as bioenergy, wind, solar and geothermal, rather than by oil, natural gas, or electricity from coal or nuclear power plants. The project seeks to promote and attract the participation of the private sector in the production and utilization of green energy or power from indigenous renewable sources of power for productive use in by businesses, communities, institutions (secondary and tertiary), workplaces, and households. In addition, the resultant effluent produced can be disposed of without threatening the sanitation integrity of the environment and public health but serve as a source of organic fertilizer for soil enrichment.

PEF wants to use this project to produce Renewable Energy (RE) (Solar PV and Biomass) and possible wind turbines as substitute for fossil fuel electricity generation to translate to cost-effectiveness, cost reduction, and sustainable power source, low operation & maintenance (O&M) cost; contribution to SGDs and GHG emissions reduction towards Ghana’s nationally determined contributions (Gh-NDC) under the Paris Agreement (COP 21). This aligns perfectly with Industries’ keen interest in the triple bottom line of improved economics, efficiency, and environment (EEE) for competitiveness in the global market place.

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