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Capacity needs assessment, Terms of Reference for the Engagement of consultant

Project: Business Integrity Initiative (BII) - Using Service Delivery Charters to Promote Business Integrity in Ghana
Activity: Capacity Needs Assessment

Terms of Reference for the Engagement of Consultant

1.0 Introduction/Background
Ghana Integrity Initiative (GII) and the Private Enterprises Federation (PEF) with funding support from the Department for International Development (DfID) is implementing a project titled: Using Service Delivery Charters to Promote Business Integrity in Ghana. The project is being implemented over a period of twelve (12) months (i.e. November 2019 – October 2020). The objective of the intervention is for more businesses to engage with public institutions on integrity issues.

2.0 Purpose/Objective
As part of the project implementation, GII and PEF are seeking the services of an experienced consultant to conduct a Capacity Needs Assessment for identified public institutions in Ghana. The intervention seeks to increase dialogue between the state/public entities responsible for providing services to the private sector on one hand and businesses in Ghana on the other hand on Service Delivery Charters. The results of the assessment will guide GII and PEF on advocacy themes to help address the identified challenges to ensure the enhancement of service by these institutions to the meet the expectations of the private sector.
The specific objectives of the assessment are:
- To identify existing gaps in Service Delivery Charters
- To elaborate on how these gaps affect transparent and accountable service delivery in Ghana
- To identify examples of international best practices of Service Delivery Charters for identified institutions and work with the respective institutions to develop same
- To draw up recommendations for institutional reform
- To conduct tailor-made trainings to respond to the specific needs of targeted staff of the identified institutions

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